• We have put in place a number of procedures to ensure this which differs slightly fro schools and preschools but is adaptable for each setting.:
  • Students will move in and out of the portrait studio area individually.
  • Only siblings in the same bubble will be photographed together.
  • No family groups will be photographed. (eg siblings and parents from outside school)
  • The area will be set up in such a way as to ensure that each individual student will maintain the recommended social distancing, in accordance with current government guidelines, from other students and the photographer.

                    Social Distance: Photography Procedure

  • Children will be posed from a distance - we will still capture the same natural expressions - however, we may need your assistance with the younger children. Where possible we will not have the students seated.
  • Hygiene and cleaning guidelines used by our staff are in accordance with the information distributed by the relevant Health Authorities.
  • Our equipment will be carefully sanitised before our arrival, and again before we leave.
  • Photography staff will provide instructions to each class upon entry to the photography area.
  • We will be wearing the PPE required to meet DofE and HM Government guidelines and carry anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser.
  • We will drop off order forms at the school - these will be in sealed envelopes by class. We ask that you keep these sealed for 72 hours before giving to children/parents.
  • Where possible outside windows and doors will be open.
  • With your guidance, we will take the shortest route to the room where we will be photographing, sanitising any surfaces we come into contact with.
  • All print orders will be sent directly to the individual homes.
  • School database images: When required we can adapt our capture software to link the student names to their image without any handling of paper bar-codes.

    Pre-schools and nurseries
    Safely at pre-schools and nurseries is somewhat dependent on the amount of room available.
    The procedure is the same as above but we will require more assistance from staff as well as some sanitising of the photography floor area if children are kept in specific rooms or groups.
    We are able to safely photograph using our white vinyl backdrop or a limited number of our Christmas sets.
    Although there is some risk of postponement, if outside facilities are available photographs can be taken in a more natural and Covid safe environment.

School, Pre-School and Nursery Photographers

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Extensive research has been undertaken by school photography professionals along with advice and guidance from school representatives regarding school and nursery photography. The conclusion is that with adequate health and safety protocols, schools and nurseries can be completed without any risk to Children, students, staff and photography staff within the school environment.

Our priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your children and members of staff as well as ourselves.

Covid-19 Protocol
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