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School, Pre-School and Nursery Photographers

To order your photographs enter the unique 13 digit “IMAGE REFERENCE CODE” from one of your pictures.
This will display all the pictures from your proof sheet.

If you have additional proof sheets add an image reference number in "Your Gallery" then click "Continue" in the "Go Shopping" box next to your pictures.

Choose "Select" above the image you have chosen and then from your tabs choose from packs, individual products or gifts
You can order individual photographs, some of which benefit from fantastic discounts which is indicated by the "Green" symbol.

Quantity discounts are applied as you add additional pictures.

You cannot order an incorrect image.
If you enter your 13 digit “IMAGE REFERENCE CODE” incorrectly the system will not accept the the numbers you have entered and will clear your reference numbers for you to enter them again.

In keeping with several Local Government policies and parents’ preferences we do not display an image gallery.

Depending on the arrangements with the school once you have entered your unique 13 digit "IMAGE REFERENCE CODE" there may be thumbnail images of your pictures available for you to view.

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We hold Family Photo and Portrait days
two or three times a year.

Don't miss out on an oppurtunity to have some great studio
style formal and fun pictures at a fraction of high street
studio prices.

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We do not share email addresses and would only contact
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